mercredi 29 avril 2015

oDesk internet marketing test answer

This is an effective advance test you should take for you to bid at the oDesk Job Market. Below are list of questions and answers. This site is for oDesk Success Guides and Tips, oDesk Sample Tests and Answers and Freelance Jobs Success info. Here is also available all kinds of results in oDesk or Freelancing Test.
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Lets Start: oDesk internet marketing test answer of 2013 – 2014
SET 01: SL. NO. 01 to 25 RUNNING
SET 02: SL. NO. 26 to 50
oDesk internet marketing
SET 03: SL. NO. 51 to 75
Question 1: Why would a company possibly want to spend more on PPC early on?
It costs less early on
Ans: b. To drive traffic to their site and increase awareness
c. To let the competition know they are serious
d. To sell more products

lundi 23 mars 2015

Earn More with Android Ad Strategy

android moneyDon’t mistake “eCPM” for earnings Developers will often mistake eCPMs as a measure of a publisher’s potential earnings, but eCPMs are really just a standard of measurement that assess the quality of how well an advertiser’s ad is performing in their app. While it’s easy to say that developers like yourself should fill your inventory with ads from high eCPM advertisers, the number of impressions that you allocate to advertisers and your app’s fill rate will both affect your earnings. A word of advice: analyzing eCPMs alone can misrepresent how well your app is monetizing. For instance, an advertiser with a $2.00 eCPM can generate less revenue for you than a $1.00 eCPM advertiser if the $1.00 eCPM advertiser is comparably receiving more traffic. Interstitial ads are better than you give them credit for The interstitial ad might “pop up” at strategic times and fill up a mobile phone’s screen, but it’s undeniably one of the most effective ad formats on the market. If monetization is your priority, don’t take the interstitial ad format for granted. In fact, when we analyzed the earnings that publishers generated from both CPC and CPI advertisers, interstitials consistently out-earned app lists, panels, custom ads, and banners on AppFlood. However don’t get me wrong. Monetizing your app doesn’t end with downloading the SDK. As with deploying any ad format, you should be mindful of the ways that you can minimize in-app interruptions, whether this means showing the interstitial in between levels of a mobile game or right before the user closes the app.

Earn money from AdGoggle ad network

make money AdGoggleAdGoggle is a new mobile advertising platform that will revolutionize the existing models of mobile advertising. Please watch the AdGoggle YouTube video at for more details. Feel free to also check out the AdGoggle FAQ at to get answers to your frequently asked questions. Know this – It’s completely free of charge to sign up for the AdGoggle pre-registration, and free of charge after we launch. Signup is ALWAYS going to be free. Also, there will be NO fees charged or payments required at any point in time. In fact, AdGoggle does not have any way for users to make payments to us, so you couldn’t pay us anything even if you wanted to! AdGoggle’s payment options only allow AdGoggle to make payments to YOU.

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